Please follow the below steps to troubleshoot connection problems with our EU Data Only SIM's.*

Enable Data Roaming

If you are using this solution to avoid roaming charges with a SIM local to your home country, please be aware that roaming does need to be active for our Dataroam SIM to work in Europe (with the exception of France).

If you are using a dual SIM device and your personal SIM is still in the device, make sure that the Dataroam SIM is selected for data usage, to prevent roaming charges on your personal SIM.


iPhone: Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Cellular/Mobile Data Options > Data Roaming - Slide the button to the right so it shows green. 

Android Device: Settings > Connections/Network & Internet > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming - Slide/Tap the button



Setting the APN


iPhone: Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Cellular/Mobile Network - In the APN Field enter internet. Leave Username and Password fields blank.


Android: Settings > Connections/Network & Internet > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Menu Button > New APN - In the Name and APN field enter internet, Leave Username and Password fields blank. Once saved make sure the APN is selected by pressing the check box next to the newly created APN.


Manual Network Search


iPhone: Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Network Selection > Automatic - Switch this off, the phone will then search for several seconds.
 We recommend selecting the first network and move down the list until you find a network that connects to data.


Android: Settings > Connections/Network & Internet > Mobile Networks > Network Operators - Disable Select Automatically, the phone will then search for several seconds.

We recommend selecting the first network and move down the list until you find a network that connects to data.

Network Settings Reset

  • iPhone: Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone->Reset > Reset Network Settings
  • Android: Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Check SIM profile

If you are IN FRANCE make sure the SIM profile is set to Home, depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android device the way to do this may differ.
  • iPhone: Settings > Mobile data > (choose sim name) > SIM Applications > Network > select Home 
  • Android: -> Swipe up to expose apps from home screen > swipe left or right to find Network app / SIM Toolkit > Network > select Home
If you are anywhere OUTSIDE OF FRANCE then please select the International option using the above method.

If the SIM will still not connect, please send a picture of the SIM card serial number – this is a long number printed both on the small SIM card you inserted into your device, as well as on the plastic SIM card sent in your instructions.

Check your Data Usage

If you would like enquire about the remaining data on your SIM, please send us a picture of the SIM serial number.

This is displayed on the the plastic card that holds the SIM.

It is a 32 digit number, displayed under a bar code (example below).

We use this number to identify your SIM, we can then report your remaining data balance back to you.

* These instructions are for use with both Android devices, and iPhones; therefore we describe the menu systems as accurately as we can.
The structure of your menu may be different or some settings may be limited, depending on what version of Android, iOS or smartphone you have.

Android is used on many different smartphone models, so the version can differ between manufacturers (like Samsung and Motorola). If the setting is not where it is described above, please look for a similarly named location.